London Yard Management Company Ltd.

LYMC Board of Directors

Undernoted you will find the names of current Directors and a brief outline from them on their skills and why they want to be on the Board. Directors who retired are listed on the archive page.

Richard Deogun (Director). Co-opted October 2012, elected at the AGM 2012 and re-elected at the AGM in February 2014. I am Richard Deogun, born and raised in Sweden, moved to the UK in 2000 to do my Masters in economics and finance. I bought my Rembrandts Close flat in 2004. In 2008 I moved back to Sweden but kept the flat, at the moment my cousin is living there. London Yard is a special place for me and I want to make sure it has a great future! After all it is probably the only place in London with its own private beach! I work within the world of foreign exchange for one of the largest Swedish banks.

Ujas Patel (Director and Deputy Chair). Co-opted December 2012 and elected in February 2014. I have been a leaseholder in Vermeer Court since May 2012. I joined the Board in October 2012 in order to positively impact the management of London Yard, and provide growth in the value of my investment. I work as a Business Manager for a multi-national company. I have qualifications in Aerospace Engineering (BSc and MSc) and an MBA, as well as qualifications in Residential Lettings and Property Management. My skills in project/business management, relationship management and virtual teams will provide continued value to the Board and Shareholders.

Claire Easley (Director). Co-opted May 2014 and elected at the AGM in November 2014. I became a leaseholder in 2013 and live in Block 5a. I work for a large financial institution in Canary Wharf, have a strong background in process and organisational skills and am interested in promoting the community of London Yard.

Deepak Rai (Director). Co-opted September 2014 and elected at the AGM in November 2014. I have been a leaseholder in Frans Hals Court since 2005. I joined the Board because I wanted to positively support the direction in which we continue to move and add value to our development, so all leaseholders and freeholders benefit. I have both been a resident and a landlord for my property here and I own other investment properties in the area, which gives me direct knowledge of how other developments are managed. I work for a large Financial institution in Canary Wharf and have a strong commercial and financial background.

Giuseppe Calderaro (Director). Co-opted December 2014 I became a leaseholder at the end of 2013 and live at London Yard in Block 1. I work as Computer Engineer for a financial institution in the city. I am currently helping with the maintenance of LYMC website.

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3rd February 2015